Welcome New Trainers!

•December 23, 2010 • Leave a Comment

My name’s Professor Sombra and…


Heh, well of course I’m just joking.  I’m obviously no pokemon trainer or professor.  I’m just a fan of the series and artist.  I’ve been a fan of the series since it first came on.  And at age 21 it’s weird I suppose that I still like pokemon.  However as an artist, it’s not that strange.  I’m in awe at the world that the creators have created.  The species that they’ve created for this world.  Sure the artwork and designs themselves aren’t that impressive, but imagine if some of those beasts were in the real world.  Some fire-breathing foxes?  An electric mouse?  A chandelier ghost?  Dragons?  And just imagine if you could keep these things legally as pets and harness that sort of power.  It’s a bit fun to think about.  And it’s probably why the pokemon franchise continues to be popular, even among people my age.


This page is (or rather will be) a collection of my realistic pokemon related works along with some “elaborate” descriptions about the pokemon.  These can be from portraits of pokemon to “wildlife shots” to battle scenes.  For now this is just an introduction to the page.  As much as I love drawing realistic pokemon, drawing realistic things themselves takes a lot of time and I haven’t quite finished a single piece to show off.


I’ll most likely change the header of this page to fit the theme when I have a picture drawn up.


Here’s a list of images I have in the works (so look forward to them!):


~Vulpix Portrait (65% complete)

~Spheal Portrait (sketched/unpainted)

~Piplup Portrait (sketched/unpainted)

~Baby Vulpix (20% complete)

~Xatu’s Future Sight (sketching)